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Registration has started for the Winter and Spring classes.

Winter session starts January 7 (Tuesday Winter session is closed because it is full), 8, or 9 (Thursday Winter session is closed because it is full).

Spring session starts March 17, 18, or 19.

Pottery classes are offered on Tuesday and Thursday (Tuesday and Thursday Winter session is closed because it is full) evenings from 6:00 - 9:00 pm. Wednesday class 4-7 pm.

Pottery Class Sessions are $195.00/person

To sign up for a class, email  Space is always limited, so sign up early!

Each class session costs $195 and meets once per week for 3 hours.  Saturday afternoons from 1pm until 5pm are an open studio time that is available for current students.

The classes are highly geared towards individual instruction. Absolute beginners and experienced potters are all welcome and will feel very comfortable in the class.  Whether you are interested in functional work, sculptural work, jewelry, beginning throwing, high level throwing techniques, making coil pots, slab built pots, or other hand building methods, kiln firing methods, or any other aspect of working with clay, you will feel comfortable and welcome in this class.

Your check reserves your spot in the class.  Make checks payable to Fired Earth Pottery, and send checks to Fired Earth Pottery, 550 N. Morrison Str., Suite F, Appleton, WI 54911.

Call Rick at 920-205-2701, or email

Our Usual Class times:
Tuesday & Thursday (Tuesday and Thursday Winter session is closed because they are full) evenings, 6:00 - 9:00 pm.

Wednesday afternoons from 4:00 - 7:00 pm.


Winter Session 2020 8 week Class Session January 7 (Tuesday Winter session is closed because it is full), 8, or 9 (Thursday Winter session is closed because it is full).

Spring Session 2020 8 week Class Session March 17, 18, or 19.

1) There are no classes at Fired Earth Pottery during the summer.
2) Remember that all students need to bring a small 1 gallon pail, a hand towel, and a small kit of pottery tools, (with a rib, needle tool, cut-off wire, two trimming tools, and a sponge - usually retails for about $8.00)
Thanks! -=Rick

If you have other questions, email

Here is a general description of the class:

Everything you always wanted to know about making pottery!!

In this general course for adults, you will learn handbuilding techniques, how to use the potter's wheel, glazing techniques, and the basics of high temperature firing. Beginners and more advanced students are welcome; the classes are tailored towards individual instruction. The course is taught by Jason Sonsthagen (Tuesday evenings), Rachel Wright (Wednesday evenings) and Angie Bougie (Thursday evenings) at Fired Earth Pottery. Angie is a potter from De Pere, Jason is a potter from Sherwood, and Rachel is a potter from Neenah.  Please feel free to visit the studio on Saturday afternoons from 1 to 5pm (please call Rick (920) 705-2701, ahead if you are thinking of coming for a visit).

WHERE and WHEN : Fired Earth Pottery
550 Morrison Street (at the corner of Pacific and Morrison - just 5 blocks north of the City Center Plaza on College Ave..). The pottery is on the second floor of the building. Telephone: 920-205-2701. Please see the "Contact Us" page of this website for a detailed map. Tuesday & Thursday class begins at 6:00 pm and goes until 9:00 pm. Wednesday class begins at 4:00 pm and goes until 7:00 pm. Saturdays from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm are an open studio time for currently enrolled class students. Each class session runs for 8 weeks.

COST: $195.00 per 8 week session. This cost includes the first bag of clay, instruction, glazes, and firing. More clay is available for purchase at the studio. Your spot in the class is reserved when you pay the class fee. Remember that the class sizes are generally small and can fill up quickly.

OTHER: I use stoneware clay and fire to stoneware (cone 10) temperatures - approximately 2350 °F. If you have any questions about any aspect of the class, please feel free to call Rick at Fired Earth Pottery (920) 205-2701. In case you have any doubts, I guarantee that the class will be fun, informative, and that you will make lots of pots.

HOW TO SIGN UP : Email that you would like to take a class. If there is space available, indicate which evening would work best for you. Then send in your check. Your check reserves your spot. Make your check payable to Fired Earth Pottery. Please indicate on your check which evening you will be signing up for. Credit cards can also be used for payment. Tel: 920-205-2701;

WHAT TO BRING (and not bring) : Items you will want to bring to class include a hand towel, a small 1 gallon pail, miscellaneous found object tools (such as chopsticks, etc), and a small set of pottery tools ( including a needle tool, cut-off wire, wood rib, metal rib, sponge, and a trimming tool). These are available at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Jack Richeson, online, etc for $10.00 or less). If you have other clay working tools, feel free to bring those as well. Make sure your name is on them. You are also welcome to bring a pot that you particularly like. Show and tell is a welcome activity. Remember to wear clothes suitable for working with clay, and to leave all jewelry (rings, watches, bracelets, etc.) at home.

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