Built by Donovan Palmquist of Master Kiln Builders (www.kilnbuilders.com) with the help of Rick McKinney and a crew of friends (Reid Schoonover, Sue Messer, and Ann Lindeke) in June of 2002. This kiln fires beautifully: efficiently, evenly, as quickly or as slowly as I need it to, with even reduction, and has produced thousands of beautiful pots. This kiln is a unique asset to pottery class spaces in NE Wisconsin – gas kilns are rare in class spaces, and produce incredibly beautiful glazes, and superior and very hard fired clay!

Technical information: The kiln has about 40 cf of stacking space. It is powered with a single blower burner divided into two burner tips entering the kiln at either side of the chimney in typical downdraft style. Three 14 x 28 inch kiln shelves form the stacking base. The kiln is typically fired in medium reduction beginning at cone 06 at the bottom peep (this yields good carbon trapping with a high soda ash shino), and ending at cone 8. From cone 8 to cone 10 I fire in a less intense reducing atmosphere. That is, at cone 8 I pull the damper, reduce the gas, and keep the temperature moving up steadily but not too fast until cone 10 (2350 degrees F) is halfway down.


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