Fired Earth Pottery photo

Sample Class Syllabus - Fired Earth Pottery

Week One - Intro, pinchpots, rules, tools, etc.
• Tour of the studio.
• Rules of the studio (handout).
• Pottery show and tell (of the pots brought in by the students.)
• Individual statement of what they want out of the class.
• Make a couple of pinchpots. One face mug, one freeform.
• Make a name stamp for your future pots.
• Free time for folks to make pots.

Week Two
• First half hour or so make or get started on some pots.
• Slab pots. Intro, demo.
• Soft slabs, drape mold, slabs from wheelthrown pots.
• Intro to wheelwork. Wedging. Centering.

Week Three
• Remind everybody about the guest lectures the following week. All are welcome to come to both of the lectures. Open to the public.
• First half hour or so make or get started on some pots.
• Coil building. Intro, demo, Xerox handout of pictures.
• Intro to wheelwork. Wedging clay, centering, and throwing a 6 inch cylinder.

Week Four
• Guest lectures: Wed: Famous potter #1.
• Guest lectures : Thur: Excellent potter #2.
• Free time at the end of the presentations

Week Five
• Firing information and explanation. (Handout)
• Wheelwork. Demonstrations.
• Free project time.

Week Six
• Glazing information. Handout (from library exhibit).
• Last week to make pots.
• Start thinking about glazing.

Week Seven
• Pots glazed.
• Slide show(time permitting).

Week Eight
• Fired pots returned. Potluck dinner.