About the Studio
Fired Earth Pottery photo

The Gallery during the Annual Christmas Sale
and Open House (December).

Fired Earth Pottery photo

The main working area of the studio.

Fired Earth Pottery, the name of my personal studio, is a large space located on the second floor of the commercial building at the corner of Pacific and Morrison Streets just 5 blocks north of downtown Appleton.

The Pottery features both a small sales gallery that is open for special events during the year (see Events calendar on the website). Because the studio is large, it has become a community clay resource over the years. I teach classes here to both beginners and more advanced students during fall, winter and spring sessions. The classes offer basic to advanced instruction on handbuilding techniques, throwing, glazing and kiln firing. I periodically organize shows in my gallery (attached to my studio) featuring clay and other craft related artists from the region. For instance, every year I get together with other local artists and sponsor a cooperative show called Fired Earth Pottery & Friends for a Christmas sale.

I also provide space in my studio for up to 3 other clay artists to do their work. So far, all of these artists have come from my classes and have simply wished to go further with clay.

The facilities at the studio consist of 8 wheels, a large electric kiln, a small Olympic gas fired updraft kiln, a 40 cubic foot Donovan Palmquist (Master Kiln Builders) downdraft kiln, a glaze room, lots of workspace, and a video and book library.