About Rick McKinney's Pottery
Fired Earth Pottery Photo


Rick McKinneys talks about how he creates in clay.

"I make both porcelain and stoneware pottery. My forms lie within the functional tradition. My work is reduction fired in a natural gas kiln to cone 10 temperatures (approximately 2350 degrees F). All of my glazes are functional, and food and use safe (dishwasher safe, microwave safe, etc.). My techniques center around wheel-thrown ware that subsequently may be extensively altered. My pottery is about form, surface, and process. Pottery is of the earth, and my forms are most deeply inspired by the chaotic yet rhythmic forms, patterns, and colors of natural processes. The fracturing in a desert sandstone cliff, or the rhythmic undulation of water flowing over stone creates shapes that reveal the dynamic energy of nature. Weathering, erosion, and corrosion are essential forces which reveal the inner character of a form and create patterns of color and texture which I find beautiful and exciting. Dynamic forms and interesting and active glaze surfaces are an important part of the aesthetics of my pottery.

Every pot tells a story - a narrative of the intersection of the making of the pot and the personality of the potter. The form, surface, and firing of the pot are what communicate this narrative. When you own a handmade pot (indeed, any pot), you own a piece of this narrative. What is a good pot? It is one that you like, of course. But some pots have the energy and vitality of life itself, and this is what I strive for in my pottery.

Fired Earth Pottery Photo

Judy Treichel (see Links page) and I in collaboration have created WovenPots™, altered pottery forms with woven pine needle rims and upper sections. A variety of glazes may be used, and the pine needles may be either dyed or left their natural color. Judy at time weaves beads and other objects in with the pine needles to create unique. WovenPots™ are functional in the sense that baskets are functional. A selection of WovenPots™ can be viewed on the Gallery page of this website."